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Gutters are thoroughly cleaned with high powered backpack blowers. Your shingles, gutters, and landscaping are unharmed as we pay careful attention to delicate areas. We use our hands to remove messy debris that could stain or create an unnecessary mess on items below like patio furniture and decks.

Our gutter cleanings are performed from on top of the roof to give us a full perspective of your home’s water drainage system. A 2 man team performs the gutter cleaning on the roof; one cleans with a blowing while suspended in a harness, and the other holds the rope for the cleaner in a secure position at the ridge of the roof. 

As we remove debris from the gutters, we also clean downspouts and check them for clogs. In the event that a downspout clog cannot be removed by our blower or hands, we will disassemble the downspout to remove the debris that is clogging the downspout at no additional charge.

Gutter cleanings take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours from start to finish depending on how big the house is and how messy the gutters are. We perform a free thorough inspection of your home’s ability to divert water away from vulnerable areas as we clean the gutters. Any issues we find that could be causing harm to your house or building are photographed and documented in the estimate section on your invoice. You can check out some of the common gutter repairs we offer here, and the common roof repair services we offer here.

Cleaning Under Solid Gutter Covers

Gutter Cover Cleaning Gutter Cleaning
Downspout Clog Gutter Cleaning

Solid gutter cover systems that allow debris through eventually pile up to the point that they clog or create an ideal environment for insects and rodents. We do not recommend these solid cover systems as they tend to hide gutter problems rather than prevent them. You can check out our recommended solid gutter covers and screens here. 

Our solid cover gutter cleaning service includes removing the covers to perform a thorough gutter cleaning. We do offer the option to reinstall the same covers if they are in acceptable condition, with our recommended maintenance schedule. Many times, gutter covers are marketed as maintenance free, then end up costing more money in the long run after accounting for removing, cleaning, and reinstalling them. 

Ground Cleanup

After we complete the gutter cleaning from the roof, blow the fallen roof/gutter debris into a naturally wooded area and rinse off any wet debris on the house or walkways. We are known for our excellent ground clean up thats already included in the gutter cleaning price, however we do offer additional debris removal services upon request. We check underground drains that are connected to downspouts for clogs. If we discover a clog and are unable to blow it through with a blower, we can perform an underground drain jet service to fully clean the drain at an additional charge. 

Landscaping Debris Bagging Gutter Cleaning


We offer the option to bag debris at $15 per bag. With this option, we will blow the debris into piles, neatly bag it by hand, then place the bags by the curb for waste disposal to retrieve it.

Why should gutters be cleaned? Your gutter’s purpose is to collect the rainfall on your roof and efficiently send it to an area better suited for water. Benefits when you clean your gutters

  • protects structural components, foundation, and vegetation
  • prevents water pooling- bugs, basement/attic leaks, and mold
  • sends water to dehydrated areas

Gutter systems also receive debris from falling from trees and shingles. Most gutter systems need to be cleaned at least twice a year. When cleaning is neglected excessive shingle grit, leaves, etc. restrict water from draining. Detriments when you don’t clean your gutters 

  • rotten siding, fascia and soffit board
  • insect nesting and breeding
  • oxidation (zebra) stripes and rust on gutters
  • faster gutter seam decay
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