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Gutter Protection

By adding cover or screen protection to your gutters you can enjoy many benefits such as: more time in-between routine gutter cleanings, boosting the lifespan of your gutters, and increasing the value of your home. 

We offer both gutter and screen protection, find out which one will suit your needs best in the sections below. Both systems typically pay for themselves within 3 years by reducing your gutter cleaning maintenance by as much as 5x.

Neither our gutter protection material nor gutter protection installation method will void any part of your roof warranty, nor will they cause any damage to your roof at any point in time. We offer a generous 5 year material and workmanship warranty on both our screens and covers.

Solid Covers

Our variety of recommended solid covers are extremely durable and don’t let any debris through. These have all the same benefits that screens do, but don’t let any debris touch the inside of the gutter. Recommended annual gutter cleanings are more for the purpose of keeping the tighter-knit metal screens clean and clear from clogging up. 

Our recommended gutter covers are extremely durable and will outlast your gutters if maintenance is kept on an annual basis. 

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Gutter Screens

Our gutter screens do not overhang the gutter and are not visible from ground view (unless your gutters are very low to the ground). The construction of the screens allow 100% of gushing water to flow in the gutter while also keeping 90% of other debris out. 

This system is best suited for customers who have a roof pitch greater than “5/12” because water travels at a higher velocity on steeper roofs and therefore requires a larger opening in the gutter screen for water to pass through. The other 10% of debris usually comes from aged shingles that shed loose granules, or sometimes a few pine needles may make their way past the gutter screen and flush through the downspouts during storms.

Our stainless steel, aluminum, and copper gutter screens are all rust-resistant and durable in harsh weather conditions. They also all share the same dimensions, design, and installation process as each other. These screens can be installed on both K-style and half-round gutter designs. 

We leave it up to the customer to decide between stainless steels greater tensile strength or aluminums greater corrosion resistance. Mind you, we have not seen any corrosion on stainless screens nor any broken links on aluminum screens in our 5 years of installing them, so we fully recommend both materials as a great option. Copper screens are to be installed on copper gutters as other materials can cause degrading reactions.  

The front side of the screen fastens to the lip of the gutter with screws, and the back side is held securely between the roof sheathing and bottom shingle. This provides the screen with an adequate slope to allow water in while also allowing debris to slide off during storms. 

Heavy tree branches that fall and push the screen in or out of place can be secured back in place given that the gutter is not damaged beyond repair. Damage caused by tree branches are not included in our gutter protection warranty, however we will adjust or replace the affected screen with our $90 service charge, or for free during our annual gutter cleaning.


We recommend annual gutter services to clean any stubborn debris sitting on screens or inside gutters. This will ensure that your gutter system is in perfect shape and is providing all of the many benefits that come with clean gutters year round!

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