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Fence Repair

If you have rotten wood on the exterior of your house that means it is no longer offering you protection from wood-boring insects and water intrusion which may lead to more problems at a rapid pace. Wood that holds moisture over a period of time eventually rots, and the best way to prevent this is by keeping wood joints sealed and allowing fresh paint to serve as a barrier from outside elements. We offer rotten wood replacement as an add on to our gutter, painting, pressure washing, and roof services so that we can increase the lifespan of your home and decrease the vulnerability of costly repairs for you down the road. 

Fascia Repair

Fascia is a common victim of wood rot due to how close it is to the gutter. If fascia is not repaired in a timely manner, it can quickly cause a cascade of problems like allowing the gutter to fall off your house, rotting your soffit, and allowing water to enter your interior walls.

Soffit Repair

Your soffit plays an important role of protecting rafter boards and sealing off your attic from critters and insects. Soffit can rot when gutters overflow onto the fascia/soffit, pesky animals that try to enter your attic, or by damaged roofing that’s allowing water to leak through.

Soffit Repair Carpentry

Siding Repair

Because your house has so many siding boards and joints in-between each board, there are many places it can fall victim to water intrusion. Wooden siding joints must be thoroughly sealed with caulk to prevent moisture from settling inward. Paint of course, is also vital.

It is very important that the siding alongside your roof be flashed properly to prevent water from traveling inside your walls and direct it to the gutter. Siding alongside your roof should not be in direct contact with the shingles or panels either, there should be a 3/8″ gap to keep the wood out of reach from flowing water on the roof and flashing.

Siding Repair Carpentry

Trim Repair

Trim is more susceptible to wood rot where water pools and drains. For example, these could be places like under your window sill and chimney pan, or in areas touching the ground like garage doors and columns.

Exterior Trim Repair Carpentry
Garage Trim Replacement Carpentry
Chimney Wood Repair Carpentry

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