Roof Repairs

Asphalt Shingles

We replace broken asphalt shingles with the same manufacturer of shingles that is currently on your roof. If the manufacturer of your roof’s shingles have been discontinued, we are still able to match shingle colors accurately enough that you cannot notice a difference from ground view. This does not void the rest of your roof’s warranty. 

We remove old shingles, nails, and underlayment (if needed) to ensure no remnants of old material are left behind that could hinder the repair. We thoroughly clean the work site afterwards so that your children, pets, and tires don’t pick up any loose nails or screws. Our roof repairs come with a 4 year workmanship warranty. 

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Roof Repair
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Ridge & Hip Shingles

Ridge-cap shingles fold over the peak of roofs where rafters meet. Hip-cap shingles cover the outside bends where one face of roof joins another. Shingles typically fail in these areas first due to the added stress of bends during harsh weather. They are expected to be replaced at least once before replacing the whole roof.

Slate, Cedar, and Clay Shingles

We replace broken or missing slate and clay shingles with a hook to support the bottom of the tile which is fastened to the sheathing or rafter underneath Replacement cedar shingles are fastened similarly compared to the way asphalt shingles are installed via two nails under the shingles installed above.

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Pipe Boot and Vent Replacement

A pipe boot wraps around the pipes that vent your toilets and extrude out on your roof. We offer two different materials for pipe boots. The most common and less expensive option today has a plastic base and neoprene collar. These typically last about 7 to 10 years and then fail at the collar due to dry-rot. Lead pipe boots are the second option and typically last 20-30 years. They cost about 3 times more than the former. The main problem with lead boots is squirrels desire to gnaw on edges for the sweet… but poisonous taste. We prevent this damage by adding a stainless steel mesh that keep squirrels from biting.

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Roof Sheathing

When water travels under shingles and sits, over time the roof sheathing (OSB or plywood) will rot and become soft. This is a serious concern for leaks in your attic. We fix this by first removing the shingles and underlayment, then replacing roof sheathing, and finally reinstalling new underlayment and shingles that won’t allow leaks to happen.

Roof Repairs
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Chimney Pan & Vent Repair

Chimney caps that are rusted can be sanded, sealed, and coated which lasts 3-5 years before the coat begins to fade again. If rust has caused holes we will recommend replacing the chimney pan along with a list of new chimney pan options.

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