Painting Service

Our painting service extends the life of your home by putting a highly weather resistant barrier between your home’s base material and outside elements. We caulk windows, siding, and any gaps in your house that would allow bugs, water, etc. to intrude. We take care of any necessary carpentry or masonry repairs before we paint. We make sure that your home is clean and clear of any debris and in good standing condition before any painting commences. This ensures your home will stand problem free for your fresh paint to reach its maximum predicted life expectancy.

If you’re thinking its time for a new deck or fence, get in touch with us before you decide to replace the entirety of it. More often than not, we find that we’re able to refinish decks by sanding and refastening boards, rails, and pickets to make it look new again and last another 5 or more years. This is a great option if you’re looking to get the maximum amount of life out of your deck or sell your home with added value.

We provide a special service by incorporating knowledge and skill from years of experience in multiple service fields that involve help us understand the best application methods that help paint last the longest.

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