Gutter Repairs

Top 3 Most Common Gutter Repairs We See

Sagging Gutter Repairs (Gutter Re-secure)

Summer heat in Georgia causes wood to expand, and when heavy debris and water accumulate in your gutter, the nails that support your gutter begin to slip out. When the gutter is left sagging an angle for debris to pile up forms. Shingle grit and mud weigh against the loose gutter nails heavily, and can potentially cause your gutter to fall to the ground. Debris can pile up behind the back of the gutter which allows water to enter your attic during storms.  Loose gutters also put more stress on the downspouts which can damage and break them.

We repair loose K-style gutters by adding hidden gutter brackets every three feet. They have a long, course-threaded screw that fastens to the fascia which will not slip out like nails do.

Half-round gutters require brackets that cradle the bottom of the gutter. Brackets are installed with equal spacing to compliment aesthetics from ground view.

If your house doesn’t have fascia board we install wedges on the rafter tails to allow the gutter to hang level. 

Gutter Resecured Gutter Repair
Half Round Gutter Hanger Gutter Repair
Gutter Wedges Used To Install Gutter On Slanted Fascia Board

Gutter Seam Repair


Silicone used for gutter seams inevitably wear out, but the life expectancy depends greatly on how well it was installed. To seal a seam correctly it should be completely dry with debris completely clear from the area. Silicone that is globbed on blocks the flow of water and accumulates debris. Seams should have an even spread of silicone that fully covers gaps just enough to allow water to flow over seamlessly. We use high grade silicone that adheres to gutters well and is resilient under UV.

Gutter Seam Repair Gutter Repair

Gutter Re-level Repair

If your gutter is not sloped adequately enough to account for the precipitation and debris your roof receives and sends to your gutter, water and debris will pool up during storms and cause an overflow.  Pooled water can travel back into the attic during storms, rot your fascia, or compromise your foundation over time. Your gutters may also be overflowing due to a clogged downspout that doesn’t allow water to drain. Pitch is adjusted by moving gutter brackets and performing water tests to find the best level for your gutters to drain properly.

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Downspout Gutter Repair

Gutter Downspout Repair Gutter Repair
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